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Table of Contents

Video Demonstration

We choose the first four measures from Doctor Who - 11th Doctor Theme “I am the Doctor!” as our model input. The generated excerpt sounds both intense and grand with tremendous momentum. So we take it as a new soundtrack for the Wave Scene in the movie Interstellar. Hope you enjoy and like it.

More Samples

Continuation of a given prime

Prime I (5-bar length) Prime II (8-bar length)

Generation with less restriction

Conditioned on chord progression From scratch

Dataset Introduction and Analysis

The first worldwide large-scale symbolic symphonic music dataset.

Symphony MIDI Dataset Overview

Total Count (MIDIs) Total Length Avg. Length Avg. Tracks Time Signature Keys Instruments Total Count (Notes) Avg. Notes
46359 3284 Hours 256 Sec 20 108 29 128 279 million 6013

Comparison With Other Datasets

Dataset Scores Count Notes Count (M)
MAETRO 1184 6
GiantMIDI-Piano 10854 39
MMD 1524557 2075
LMD 148403 535
Symphony MIDI Dataset 46187 279

Further exploration and Analysis